Couples Therapy / Family Therapy

When couples or families are in conflict, they often develop and then repeat, unhelpful patterns involving blame, criticism and defensiveness. Our highly-skilled psychiatrists & therapists offer couples therapy and family therapy that can help resolve relationship conflict or stress. At Max Psychiatry, the team of professionals is committed to helping patients develop and maintain strong attachments and relationships that work. We have helped hundreds of patients in Cary, Raleigh, Durham, apex, Wake Forest, Holly Springs area of NC and helped restore their lives back to normalcy.

Couples Therapy / Family Therapy Q&A

What are the most common reasons for family and relationship conflicts? 

Family and relationship conflicts can arise for many reasons, including: miscommunication, concerns about finances, or coping with an addiction or a chronic health problem. Conflict between romantic partners may also result when: raising a challenging child, feeling sexually disconnected, experiencing career challenges, or navigating extended family relationships. When couples or families are in conflict they often develop and then repeat unhelpful patterns involving: blame, criticism, and defensiveness. Our goal is to help our patients identify these unhelpful patterns and then develop new patterns that facilitate intimacy and connectedness.

What happens during a couples therapy and/or family therapy session?

During couple or family therapy, also called relationship or marriage counseling, you and your partner will learn to see the vulnerable parts of each other and begin to hold them in mind, making room for their emotional experience and relationship needs. Communication is crucial and you will both learn to become better at listening, as well as, expressing your authentic experience. Effective couple or family therapy also seeks to illuminate the relationship or family’s strengths and develop a deeper bond and resilience as a team.

Does a relationship need to be in crisis to benefit from couples therapy?

Not at all. To the contrary, when frustrations or feelings of being misunderstood or unappreciated are illuminated and addressed early in a relationship, a couple can spare themselves from years of conflict and feelings of disconnection. Our couple therapists often work with couples newly in a relationship, helping them decide if the relationship is sustainable and supporting them in developing positive and connected ways of relating.

There are many benefits of working with a skilled couple therapist including:

Better understanding each other and each other’s attachment/relationship needs

Learning to share the more vulnerable aspects of yourself with each other

Developing a deeper, more intimate connection

Developing effective strategies for resolving inevitable disagreements

Developing and sustaining an active, intimate and passionate sex life

Improving communication skills

Developing effective co-parenting skills

In any close relationship, conflict and disconnection are inevitable. Building a meaningful, connected and nurturing attachment with one’s partner takes time and effort. The struggle to be close while maintaining your independence and autonomy can be difficult. Through couple therapy, you and your partner can establish renewed trust, a deeper connection/bond, a healthy interdependence and respect for one another’s needs.

How do Max Psychiatry's psychiatrists treat Anxiety Disorders?

At Max Psychiatry, we use a variety of approaches and often find that the best results are achieved when using a combination of treatment approaches. These may include: psychotherapy, medication management, relaxation training, stress reduction, biofeedback, mindfulness, and visualization techniques. Our team is also expert in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), which are among the most widely-used and successful psychotherapy treatment. Max Psychiatry team has helped hundreds of clients in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Apex, Morrisville, Chapel Hill, Wake forest, Holly Springs areas help repair their family relationships.

What will it cost me ?

We accept most of the major health insurances such as Aetna, Cigna, Medicare, BCBS, United, Humana, Multiplan etc.  Here is the complete list of insurances that we participate with. Please call our office at 919-386-0402 or email us at to ask about your out-of-pocket expenses.